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Recycled Printed Mugs
Our plastic recycled mugs are the perfect solution for those looking for a hard wearing mug but who also care about the environment.


Plastic is a great material however it is not biodegradable and can take thousands of years to break down naturally.

By purchasing our recycled mugs which use 100% recycled plastic you can show that you are aware of environmental issues and are actively looking for ways to reduce waste.

All of our plastic mugs are strong and will not chip or shatter when dropped, making them the perfect solution for situations where mugs would normally get knocked over and damaged.



Standard Recycled Mugs
100% recycled plastic goes into making our standard recycled mug making it a great option for the environmentally conscious company.
min qty 72pcs
click for full details  from £0.91
Classic Recycled Mugs
Go green without compromising on style with our classic recycled mug.
min qty 72pcs
click for full details  from £1.16